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The Descendants of Ephraim Durham of Guilford, Connecticut

Including Descendants with the Surnames Darin, Darrin, Darwin, Derwin, Dorwin, Dorwine, Durrin, Durrum, Durwin

Compiled by Azuba Ruth Ward

x+592 Pages, Illustrations, Fully Indexed, 9700+ Names, Hard Bound

Currently out of print. Copies of your family pages are available at four (4) pages for $1.00 including postage. Please contact for more information and inquiries.


EPHRAIM DURHAM, planter of Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut (date and place of birth unknown, but likely England), died September 1725 at Guilford. He married in 1678 at Guilford ELIZABETH GOODRICH, daughter of Richard and Dinah (-?-) Goodrich, born 8 October 1653 Guilford, died after 27 October 1725, probably Guilford. Ephraim came to to Guilford sometime before 11 December 1672. In the History of Guilford he is called "a man of considerable property."

Ephraim and Elizabeth had six children, five sons and a daughter. The first son and the daughter died young. The descendants of the four sons, Samuel, Joseph, Ebenezer, and Daniel, are carried, in many instances, to the twelfth generation.

The marriage record for Ephraim and Elizabeth lists Ephraim as "Ephrem Durrum." Perhaps because of the English pronunciation used by Ephraim, he became know as Darwin. The spellings of the name are numerous. Children and grandchildren are recorded under Darwin, Dorwin, Darrin, Durrin, Durham and other spellings.

Elizabeth Goodrich's father, Richard Goodrich, was one of about 40 men who, on their voyage to New England, drew up a covenant of mutual cooperation. They aimed to establish a community in southern Connecticut. Their homes had been in Kent and Surrey, England, men of substance but not of the professional class. They were mainly farmers on this side of the ocean. In 1639 they purchased land from the Indians.