Castleton Cemetery Inscriptions

by Margaret R. Jenks ©1989

104 Pages, 11 Cemeteries, 5280 Names, Maps, Indexed

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The charter for Castleton was granted to Samuel Brown of Stockbridge, Massachusetts on September 22, 1761. The original proprietors were principally from Salisbury, Connecticut. Colonel Amos Bird, Colonel Noah Lee, and a black man spent the summer of 1767-1768 surveying the township and building a log cabin in the southwest part of town, returning to Connecticut for the winter.

The settlement of Castleton began in May 1770 when Ephraim Buel, Ebenezer Bartholomew, and Zadock Remington arrived with their families. They were the only settlers the first year. by 1791, there were 141 families in the town.

The first cemetery was laid out on the main street now located beside the Federated Church. The earliest dated stone is 1772 for Colonel Bird who was first buried near his home and later moved to this cemetery. The early town records show a number of deaths with no surviving grave stones. The Hillside Cemetery was established in 1851 and is the only cemetery in use today. There are nine other family cemeteries in the town.

The book includes two maps, Rutland County and Castleton, showing the location of each cemetery. The Hillside Cemetery was recorded in sections to facilitate locating a stone.

The vital records found in the first two books of Castleton records have now been published in the Genealogical Society of Vermont's Vermont Genealogy, Vol. 14, No. 3 & 4, July - October 2009.

Included are all extant stones in the following Castleton cemeteries:
OLD CASTLETON CEMETERY                                              HILLSIDE CEMETERY
BLISSVILLE CEMETERY                                                        BIRD MOUNTAIN or AMES CEMETERY
TRAVERSE CEMETERY                                                          CULVER CEMETERY
GATES CEMETERY                                                                  HYDEVILLE CEMETERY
LINCOLN CEMETERY                                                             O'ROURKE FARM CEMETERY
TOWN FARM CEMETERY                                                      WEST CASTLETON CEMETERY
BRIGGS CEMETERY                                                                KEEP STONE

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