Danby & Mt. Tabor Cemetery Inscriptions

by Margaret R. Jenks ©2006 Revised

80 Pages, 21 Cemeteries, 5000 Names, Maps, Indexed

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The settlement of Danby was begun about 1765 by families from Nine Partners, New York. Many of the early settlers were Quakers. The first cemetery was on the farm of Micah Vall and given to the town in 1776. As the years passed, seventeen small family cemeteries were set off in the town, with one becoming the modern Scottsville Cemetery.

While Harwick, now Mount Tabor, was chartered at the same time as Danby and Pawlet, settlement didn't begin until about 1782. Today, the Green Mountain National Forest encompasses all but the western edge of the township. The earliest cemetery stone is dated 1803. Of the four known cemeteries in the town, three are far off the road in the National Forest. During the summer of 1993, all of the cemeteries not found at the time of the first edition of this book were visited, plus one previously unknown cemetery. This revised edition corrects many of the errors found in the old listings used in the original edition.

The book includes three maps, Rutland County, Danby, and Mt. Tabor, showing the location of each cemetery. The Scottsville Cemetery was recorded in sections to facilitate locating a stone.

Included are all extant stones in the following Danby cemeteries:
Scottsville Cemetery                   Maple Grove Cemetery                              Danby Four Corners Cemetery
Baker Cemetery                          Brown Cemetery                                        Cook Cemetery
Nichols-Quaker Cemetery          Red School House Cemetery                     Otis Cemetery
Sowle Cemetery                          Sherman-Staples Cemetery                      Old Quaker Cemetery
Fiske Cemetery                           Wilber Cemetery                                        Young Cemetery
Dillingham Cemetery                  Blackmer-Hazelton Cemetery, Dorset   

Included are all extant stones in the following Mount Tabor cemeteries:
Tabor Cemetery                          Burton Cemetery
Foley Cemetery                           Greeley Cemetery

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