Middletown Springs & Ira Cemetery Inscriptions

by Margaret R. Jenks ©1996 Revised

62 Pages, 4 Cemeteries, 2800 Names, Maps, Indexed

Now available from Sleeper Books at www.sleeperco.com


Settlement of the area began before the Revolutionary War. Due to the problems of traveling over the high mountains, the southwest corner of Ira along with sections of Poultney, Wells, and Tinmouth were set off as Middletown in 1784, with that name changed to Middletown Springs in 1885.

The first burial ground was on the land of Increase Rudd. By 1876, all of the markers were gone and only a few depressions remained to mark the graves. The cemetery stones in the Old Cemetery date from 1790.

The settlement of Ira was begun about 1770 by families from Massachusetts and Connecticut. The cemetery stones date from 1784, but there were no doubt a few earlier burials.

The book includes three maps, Rutland County, Middletown Springs, and Ira, showing the location of each cemetery. The Pleasant View Cemetery was recorded in sections to facilitate locating a stone.

Included are all extant stones in the following Middletown Springs cemeteries:
Old Cemetery
Pleasant View Cemetery
Stiles Cemetery

Included are all extant stones in the Riverside Cemetery, Ira.

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