Poultney Cemetery Inscriptions

by Margaret R. Jenks ©1996 Revised

15 Pages, 15 Cemeteries, 8,200 Names, Maps, Indexed

Now available from Sleeper Books at www.sleeperco.com


The settlement of Poultney was begun in 1771 by families from Massachusetts and Connecticut. In June 1775, eight acres were given by Nehemiah How and John Grant for a burial place in the East Village. The Stones date from 1777 with many beautiful stones carved by Enos Clark of Middletown Springs. Numerous Revolutionary War veterans are buried in this cemetery. Before 1815 a cemetery was laid out in the West Village, now part of the large Village Cemetery. On January 9, 1862 fire destroyed most of the town's records. Therefore these cemetery records are extremely important.

The book includes two maps, Rutland County and Poultney, showing the location of each cemetery. The Village Cemetery was recorded in sections to facilitate locating a stone.

Included are all extant stones in the following cemeteries:
East Poultney Cemetery                   Poultney Village Cemetery                     Revolutionary War Monument
St. John's Episcopal Cemetery          Jewish Cemetery                                    St. Raphael Catholic Cemetery
Ames Cemetery                               Traverse Cemetery                                 Fifield Cemetery
Hosford Tomb                                 Hosford's Crossing Cemetery                 Broughton Cemetery
Ward Cemetery                                Ranson Cemetery                                  Culver Cemetery
Bunce Cemetery                               Historic Markers

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