Tinmouth Cemetery Inscriptions

by Margaret R. Jenks ©2008 Revised

26 + xii Pages, 12 Cemeteries, 1350 Names, Maps, Indexed

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Tinmouth was chartered in 1761, with the first town meeting in 1774. From 1781 to 1784, Tinmouth was the county seat. Many of the first settlers were from Salisbury, Connecticut. Many Revolutionary War soldiers were among the early settlers. By 1791 there were 935 inhabitants.

Records show burials as early as 1777. The oldest stone is dated 1789 in the Cramton Cemetery. The Old #1 Cemetery in the north-west part of the township has only 2 stones remaining. The Lillie-paul Cemetery in the south-west corner of the town has stones dating from 1794. The Old Sawyer Cemetery in the village has stones dating from 1801 with several beautiful stones.

The book includes two maps, Rutland County and Tinmouth, showing the location of each cemetery. The Tinmouth Cemetery was recorded in sections to facilitate locating a stone.

Included are all extant stones in the following Tinmouth cemeteries:
Tinmouth Cemetery                                Old Sawyer Cemetery                            Ballard Cemetery
Darling-Rising (Morgan) Cemetery         Cramton Family Cemetery                     Noble Family Cemetery
Woodruff Cemetery                                 Wandering Stone                                   Lillie-Paul Cemetery
Wood-Norton Cemetery                          Valentine Farm Cemetery                      Cephas Young Cemetery
Town Clerk's Records                             Tinmouth Marriages Found in Probate

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